Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Resolutions...

Happy New Year everyone!!! I have been MIA for a little, enjoying the holidays :) and experiencing all sort of customer services (I will share them with you soon).
I am sure some people already printed out their new year resolutions. At some point in my life I gave up writing resolutions, I thought it'd be better just to flow with the year instead of feeling disappointed on 31st of December because not even one out of my many goals were accomplished. After trying to do without new year resolutions for a year, I realised that I wasn't complete, there was nothing to look forward to, nothing to work towards or even tick off, so I started again. This year, my resolutions ranges from getting a stomach as flat as the wall (nothing is impossible lol) to encouraging and promoting good customer service whenever and wherever I get the opportunity to.

Are you a business owner or do you deal with customers a lot? It doesn't matter if you are a blogger, a banker, a trader, an entertainer, a writer or even a chewing gum seller, make a conscious effort to create even a better customer service experience for your customers.

Have you thought about this already or do you already have a plan? What are your New Year resolutions regarding customer service and meeting your customers needs?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! May this year bring you lots of customers :)


  1. This year, 'll try to treat my blog customers (readers) well by replying more often. Happy New Year!

    1. Me toooooooo :)

      Happy New Year Eya!!! Welcome back :)


  2. First time on your blog and i'm totally enjoying every post. I think my new year resolution is to be a better person and have more blog customers read my blog

    1. Yayyyy welcome to my humble blog Adaeze *big hug* Thank you :) I think we have the same new resolutions, may God help us accomplish them o lol. thanks for taking time out to read my posts. Don't be a stranger :) xxx