Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pastry Land....Basic small chops..The best around

Pastry Land is sometimes the reason why I make an attempt to go for an event. A motivating factor that helps me get ready and go out to party.
It's a one man business that provides finger foods what we Nigerians call "small chops". The founder of this company surely and most definitely knows what customer service is all about. When people tell me about their party plans my number one choice for small chops provider is always Pastry Land.

These small chops taste so good it's absolutely amazing. I like the owner, Mr Taiwo, no matter where he spots me he comes to say hello with a lovely plate of small chops, and it doesn't have to be my party. He is always very respectful yet professional. Whenever you make a complaint, he quickly makes amends even if it means making a new puff puff mixture (Nigerian snack similar to doughnut).

His attitude towards his work and enthusiasm for delivering wonderful service to us makes him number 1 option amongst us his loyal customers. Many of us, his customers were gotten through referral.
He doesn't make over the top or fancy small chops like money bags etc but the basic ones he makes are always fantastic and the taste? Always consistent!

I am not sure which my best is, whether it's his signature fluffy puff puff or his succulent and absolutely tasty and juicy prawn in batter. Actually, these two are my best on his menu. The best option is to get him to fry the small chops at the venue (that way it would hit your table fresh and hot).

There is nothing as wonderful as seeing his waiters carrying a tray filled with plates of freshly made deliciously hot Puff Puff, Mosa, Samosa, Spring Rolls and Prawns in Batter, wonderful I tell you. Savouring every single bite, I mumble “bless!” under my breathe.

Mr Taiwo's attitude towards his customers is just as sweet as his small chops, always smiling and ready to dance to your tune. His waiters are also very well trained and well mannered, I like the way they listen to simple instructions and don't frown at corrections but with an apologetic smile they accept whatever they are being reprimanded for.

I have come across some rubber like small chops, over chewy and teeth wrecking ones made by other small chops “specialists” but I have never tasted small chops as good as Pastryland's....never met a small chops maker as humble and as customer oriented as Mr Taiwo.


You can reach Pastryland on 08033077024, 08023977445

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  1. I definitely love the fluffy puff puff and Mosa.. Bessssssst in Lagos! Amazing. Nice post She Spys!

  2. Thank you!!! :) High Five!!! my fellow pastryland fan lol

  3. Thanks! Where is PastryLand in Abuja?

    1. Hi Eya, PastryLand doesn't have a resturant or store yet.The owner take orders for parties or gatherings. He can either fry the small chops at the venue or deliver them already fried. He is based in Lagos, but he travels to other states too.


  4. Do you have a branch in Abuja now?

  5. Can you teach someone who is eager to learn???