Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sky Lounge....The good life!

Today I lay on my bed dreaming about Sky Lounge. My dreaming session started when my friend called my phone at 8pm and told me she was sipping on a cold glass of Kir royale (Kir Royale is a French cocktail created by mixing champagne with blackcurrant liqueur ‘Crème de Cassis’). As she spoke to me, I felt my mouth watering and could almost taste the Kir Royale she was sipping on at the other end of the phone. It took me back to the memory of my last visit to Sky for drinks…

My last visit to Sky Lounge

We arrived at Sky that evening excited as usual knowing that we couldn’t leave without having a good time. In the elevator after pressing the button that leads to the penthouse, my eyes were fixed on the little screen that displayed the floor numbers. The door opened and we walked out of the lift into the ever so wonderful and beautiful ambiance where a well trained waitress was waiting to receive us. With the piano playing and the street lights reflecting through the windows of the restaurant and lounge, there was definitely nowhere else I did rather be that very night than Sky Lounge (well, after crossing out hanging out with my dearest of course :) )

We chose our sit and sat by the bar. The bar man said hello and placed the menu and little servings of nuts in front of us as he took our orders. A few minutes later he had performed magic and the most lovely Mojito was staring at us.

The Mojito at Sky lounge is actually the best I have had in Nigeria. Wonderfully made, I suck on the straw until no liquid can flow through it, tasting the remains of the brown sugar that sits obediently beneath the glass refusing to dissolve, I sometimes make so much noise with my straw I don't even pay attention to who might be watching. While still struggling to get the last bit of sugar from the bottoms of my glass, I realised Michael Jackson’s "speechless" had been playing on the piano, total bliss!I needed a tap (as usual)to remind me that I was still in Lagos.

The customer service at Sky Lounge is always superb! No unnecessary interruptions from the waiter or bar attendant but somehow they seem to know when to ask “would you like another one of that?" As if it were free. Lol! Drinks at Sky are usually the beginning or the end of a wonderful night out and I am not talking about being drunk. It’s a lovely place anyone who likes sophistication and calmness must visit and don't forget to try the Mojito.

PS: Sky Lounge can be a bit pricey, be sure to look at the menu carefully and of course your wallet before placing your order :)

Situated at Eko Hotel & Suites Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria

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