Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am engagedd!!

My darling blogger friends can I first thank you very much for checking on me and Showing me love when I needed it most. A big shout out to Sykik especially for her messages, love and concern.
So the title of this post should really be "he turned my mourning into dancing" as you guys know that I lost my dad almost three months ago, it's been very very hard and sad but one way or the other I have been coping. I even had a dream once where my late dad encouraged me to eat and move on with my life, still, it's been hard to get back to how I was before he left.

But then something happened on my birthday, after two years of being with dearest he proposed YES he did!!! It was a big surprise because somehow I didn't see it coming. It felt like a dream, i mean..from a very low point in my life to a serious high considering the fact that i just lost my dad  and the fact that some people had almost frustrated my life, asking why I was still living in my parents house, how I was already over ripped for marriage (as if I were a fruit). In fact I have seen and heard a lot concerning this getting married issue. Some people even said I needed deliverance and some others said I shouldn't let my size deceive me, I am old!
 But to God's glory, I am dancing because he put a ring on it lol! Anyway  for All my tears and mourning (losing my dad) God gave me joy. 

The proposal story is a story for another day. Everything was so beautiful...indeed those who laugh last, laugh best.

So as I shared my sad news with you about my dad, now I am sharing with you my good news. :) 

I am engaged!!!!! Soon to be Mrs D