Saturday, November 30, 2013

Count down to my wedding

Hi Guys! Sorry I have been away for a while, wedding preps has taken over lol. My wedding is in 6weeks and my mind and head have been everywhere. From excitement to nervousness to anxiety. All sorts of emotions have been popping up but I am thankful to God for everything.

While I am doing my best to make sure the wedding day goes well, my mum has been inviting people away, it's turning to a carnival, I don't know how else to stop her. We had a little talk yesterday about her taking it easy on inviting more, more and more people but the conversation didn't do anything to her very long guest list. She keeps telling everyone "we are having a wedding". God help us

The wedding industry is something else, when I say something else I mean expensive! People make so much money off weddings , I am almost having second thoughts on my career path.

Two days ago I went to our venue just to ask some questions because dearest wouldn't let me rest, he wanted to know  what the length and breadth of the venue measured, me I don't like errands like that but I went there anyway, when I asked the lady there for the measurement she looked shocked "what do you want to use it for ?" She asked, I told her dearest wanted it to design the floor plan, she smiled and politely said they did not give that information out (I am very sure she didn't know the measurement) I wasn't surprised. She decided to take me through the terms and conditions. I listened like a good student nodding as she read through each paragraph until she mentioned that we had to use their bouncers and pay for them. I was like "can you re-read that?" After paying so much for the venue she was now insisting that we have to use six of their bouncers and pay twelve thousand Naira for each of them! Why did I not read this terms and condition before we chose this our venue? I told her that I would have to call her later because we have a security company giving us security for free for the wedding. She insisted we had to get at least six bouncers from them and it's our choice if we decide to get more from elsewhere... Everyone just wants to make extra money.

Anyway I would write more about the good and bad services I have encountered especially during this wedding planning time. I have missed you guys and would also try to write at least once a week.
Have a wonderful week ahead x