About me

You can call me Spynaija; I am a young lady from Lagos, Nigeria with an eye for detail in delivering good quality customer service. With an educational background in Marketing and Media communication plus a Masters Degree in Service Management from the University of Buckingham, England, exposure is something I posses.

The word customer service didn’t mean anything to me until I traveled to live and study abroad then started visiting home on holidays especially during my Masters Degree.

This Masters Degree opened my third eye; all of a sudden I could see every flaw that was presented to me when a service is being delivered. It became of huge interest to me. I must be honest to announce that customer service provided by majority of service organisations here in my country Nigeria is crap, in fact i doubt if the concept or importance is known to many service providers/ entrepreneurs. The attitude and vibe some of these employers or even sometimes the employees themselves send out makes it seem like they can do without their customers, if this is the case why are they in business?

Disappointingly but somewhat relieving, this issue does not affect only my country but majority of the countries in the world if not all. The only saving grace is that some do better than the others in realising the way forward, training their staff and supervising their businesses.
The frustration of receiving nonsense services after paying for it can be very annoying, especially when you feel there is nothing you can do about it.

My educational background, work and life experiences have greatly influenced my taste and perception of good quality services. Also, my passion for writing and interest in the delivery of good quality customer service has led me to starting this blog to create awareness to service providers.

With my knowledge, I intend to influence the service industry greatly and awaken service providers to realise their mistakes and loss which will motivate them to deliver remarkable services to their customers thereby leaving both parties happy. Eventually (when they have awoken which will be soon) Customers will receive value for their money and high satisfaction while the service providers themselves will experience repeat purchase, good referrals and increase in income.