Monday, February 17, 2014

The newly married woman :)

Guess who's back? 


Guess who's back as Mrs D!?!!

Hi guys, I have missed you guys so much! I am so sorry I didn't keep to my promise of updating every week. Wedding planning and preparation was crazy! It was almost hard to keep up with anything. There were days when I was sooo excited, days when I  was anxious and days when I worried about the carnival called wedding we were having.

I remember two weeks before when I took my dress to one of my designer friends just to make sure everything fitted well! That was the best decision I made in a very long time! My dress was big!! Like two sizes bigger! I was "scared" no not even scared "AFRAID!!!!". I had lost too much weight if it wasn't for my sister who testified that my wedding dress was my exact size when I bought it , my chief bride's maid and designer friend Iysha wouldn't have believed I bought my right size. Iysha seeing that I might collapse from fear quickly assured me that she would salvage my dress and it would fit perfectly and she did exactly that, infact made me another dress to change into for our after party since that outfit also didn't fit!

I left Iysha's place that day supper happy and thankful that I had thought to try on my dress again before the wedding. Being an Efiko, I bought my dress about 6 months before our wedding, and it hung in my mum's wardrobe for five months before our wedding day. But I was so thankful for Iysha, you wouldn't even notice the amendment(s). 

I also had to go on an Amstel Malt diet. I drank at least one Amstel malt a day and milo some nights, thanks to my bff/chief bride's maid's advice and supervision,  I was able to put on a little weight before the " D" days. I didn't make a typo by typing ""D" days" Our wedding activities lasted 3weeks! We had 4 different events!!!

The first one was our engagement ceremony/ traditional Wedding  with 1000guests
The second was our Nikkai and reception party with 1500guests
The third was our Chapel Wedding and Lunch 100guests
The fourth was thanksgiving and thanksgiving party 150guests

I promise to tell you about each one. I had to put something today:)