Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally 2015....

Happy New Year!

Happily I wish everyone a happy new year and I am not just saying it, I mean it very much. A lot of people just say "happy new year", "compliment of the season", to them they are just words you say when you see somebody for the first time in January or maybe February it has no weight what so ever in their minds.

For me , especially after 2014 , when I wish anyone a happy new year I am saying" I wish you a very happy new year, may God bless this year, may you laugh this new year, May God keep you truly happy and may he listen to every of your heart desires"! So guys here i am wishing you a happy new year at the top of my voice" HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!"

As they say there is a reason for everything I have my reasons for praying happy new year into people's lives instead of just saying it.

Last year  especially towards the end was eventful in a sad a way. One of our friends. lost his wife who was just 35years old, been married for barely 3years and had an 18months old daughter, it was very sad!  Then came December while I was cracking my head thinking of the best Christmas party I could organize for my family, my sister called me one morning saying "Have you heard what happened ..." My heart was already beating fast , I said "what happened again ooo"then she said my Aunty's husband ( my uncle by marriage) died. I was like "what?!" He was 50years old with a 21 year old son, a 17 year old daughter and a 47year old wife. It was terribly sad. I didnt know when I started to count down to the new year, I was just tired of hearing bad news. 

So 2014 ended! Whew! I am still thankful though. A lot of great things happened in 2014. I got marriedđŸ˜„ ( took so long settling into my new life and home, hence my absence from the blogging world.)

I believe in new year resolutions, I think it adds structure to my life, though sometimes it's a bit hard to follow it/ them through the year.

This year my main resolution is to be happy, to live a life filled with happiness, to work on surrounding myself with happiness and to be the definition of a genuine happy person. So God help me!

How was 2014 for you? Do you believe in new year resolutions? What is your resolution(s)

Another resolution is to continue to promote good customer service in Nigeria.