Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two uninvited guests...Mr &Mrs F..

 Uninvited guests interrupted my meal.

After work on Thursday, I decided to treat myself to lunch at browns; I put up a post on browns here a couple of years ago but things have since gotten better there.

My dearest treats me to impromptu lunches at Browns, I like the place. It is a nice place with a peaceful atmosphere. The waiters are also efficient though the last time I was there with dearest; our food came in so so late, we were almost dying of hunger.

Anyway, back to my lunch On Thursday, so I walked through the doors of Browns and was greeted by a waiter as I walked down to sit at our usual spot. The waiter came with the menu and I ordered my food and drink.

Two minutes after the waiter set my food on the table, just as I was about to dig in, two uninvited visitors arrived at my table distracting me; it was Mr and Mrs Fly! I hate flies sooooo much especially when they come around something  I am eating(particularly when I am very hungry), I just feel like once they latch on something you are about to eat, if you put it in your mouth you get ill immediately, I  don’t want to start imagining where they could have come from. I feel that when one is outdoor flies might invite themselves, but what about indoors?

After spending sometime  multitasking  driving Mr and Mrs Fly away and at the same time trying to eat, I got sort of frustrated and called the waiter, he apologised and went to get a spray bottle which I am guessing contained insecticide, he sprayed it around a bit(I think it must have been odourless because I didn’t smell anything but  I was bit concern about how safe that was) the flies disappeared and just as I was about to relax and enjoy the rest of my food, they appeared again. In frustration I ate what I could, asked for my bill and left my table to Mr&Mrs Fly. 

The food was very nice, as usual everything was good, only the flies… Browns  is a nice place, I will go there over and over again BUT the next time I encounter a fly? It must surely die! or I'll  have to pay only half of my bill lol.

Have you had an experience like mine at a place you really like to go? Would seeing a fly on your table put you off going to a restaurant you like to eat at?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Valentine's day...hmmm still shaking my head

Last valentine was something else, I found myself settling a fight between two of myfriends who had been married for over 5 years.
Toni was in her office, watching and getting depressed because she hadn't received her valentine package yet, all the younger girls in her office were all beaming in smiles, not only were their smiles annoying, they were all also wearing a touch of red. She hissed as she spoke to me in her office bathroom. She was complaining bitterly about her husband Paul who is also my very very good friend. Several times I tried to get her off the phone so I could focus on my work, but she kept calling me back and was almost ruining my own day with her nagging.

Once I got the chance to get off the phone I quickly called her husband Paul who sounded very panicked, I asked what was wrong, he said the people he ordered Toni's present from hadn't delivered them to her and she would be leaving her office in 2 hours. He asked me to please convince Toni to stay a bit longer at work as she was no longer picking up his calls. Out of pity I agreed to call Toni again, I told her so many silly stories and even had to lie that I might be stopping to give her a present too, just to make her happy.

After two hours, Paul called and told me that the delivery man was almost at Toni's office he had been stuck in the crazy Lagos valentine traffic, with a sigh of relief I shouted "hallelujah". 5 minutes after I got off the phone with Paul,  my phone rang, it was Toni, excitedly I picked up the phone, thinking she had good news, but I could only hear someone sobbing, I was scared, a million things ran through my mind, did the delivery man fall dead? "What happened?" I kept asking. I could also hear her colleagues asking her to stop crying, when she could finally speak, She said the chocolate Paul sent to her had melted the cake had smashed, the teddy bear was stained and to top it up the card was addressed to another woman with her husband's name at the bottom. Then she started weeping again. I was confused! I didn't understand, was Paul cheating? He must be a big goat! I thought out loud.


So I called Paul,  before he could speak, I shouted at him." You are such a stupid goat, if you are going to cheat on your wife must you also rub it in her face, at her office on Valentine's day?" Paul said he didn't understand what I was on about. I explained what his wife told me, he was very confused. He said he 'd call me back. He called the company he ordered the present from.

To cut the long story short, It was their mistake(The people he ordered from) they had addressed the card wrongly and had almost caused Paul his marriage.  This issue didn't get resolved until almost midnight, everyone including Toni's parents had to come to resolve this silly conflict. Thanks to the  unorganised company, a marriage could have ended on that Valentine's day.

This Valentine's day be sure to state your order clearly, making sure whoever takes your order gets it right(if possible get them to repeat it). Avoid popular restaurants especially if you didn't make a prior reservation, set out very early on your date and if you don't really need to be out, please enjoy your valentine at home with your lover.

Service providers, please don't take more orders than you can meet. Let it be a Merry Valentine's day for all.

Love is a beautiful thing! Happy Valentine's Day all! x

*Bigggg kiss* mwahhhh!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dirty Linen Aired In Public...

Diverting from customer service to customer etiquette (for today).

Hey people today I am not writing about good or bad customer service. I will be writing about my experience while I was out with dearest today. I feel embarrassed for these women I am about to write about BUT my mind tells me that I need to write about it so that others can learn and be careful.

Dearest and I walked into the cafe that I had been talking about. I wanted some dessert, I had been singing about it all day. We finally got there and were directed to a nice seat. I had been harassing dearest that he was a bit too quite today and was killing all the excitement in me dying to come out.

Before we sat down, I noticed three women who sat down finishing their meals and seriously gisting, not that I was eaves dropping or anything, their voices were rather loud so i didn't have a choice but to listen even if i didn't  want to. I complained to dearest who was already reading a magazine and he answered "leave them alone" I guess he was secretly enjoying their

Anyway from all the stories they were telling, I figured out that they were old friends who schooled abroad and are probably married. They were catching up and reminiscing on things they did in the past. Their voices got louder and louder as their gist got deeper and deeper. I started feeling un easy and dearest told me to mind my business and eat my dessert, he was definitely enjoying their story lol

They were talking about men they had slept with in the past, mentioning their names and even surnames, they called some of them irresponsible and rained insults on others and talked about their relationship with other men up until  some of them got married.  Dearest's eyes were fixed on the magazine he was reading, but I swear his mind wasn't there. I kept on murmuring, I couldn't believe this women were speaking so loudly about their lives even if it was their past in such a public place.

Then something happened! They mentioned one of dearest's friends name and surname. Dearest and I looked at each other, our eyes widely  opened  and said "Ah". They spoke a little about  the guy. We kept silent! And I guess we just kept listening to them(when we weren't talking) until will finally left.

When we got outside, I asked dearest if he understood why I felt uncomfortable with the manner at which the women talked so carelessly. I think he did.  I mean , how can grown women leave their homes and come to the public to air their dirty linens? Unfortunately for them they didn't even know that we knew one of the people they spoke about, dearest said he recognized one of the women from when he was in university. I honestly felt very embarrassed for them.

Mr Dearest who claimed he wasn't even paying attention to them, remembered what they looked liked and even managed to catch one of their names lol!

By the time we were leaving, we knew the names of the men they slept with, we knew they were married, we knew the town they went to school in, and even one of their names. I felt that was too much information to disclose in such a secluded place.

A couple of minutes later after I got home, dearest was trying to find out from me what the women said about his friend. Imagine! he had already called his friend and told him what had happened lol! I laughed so hard, who ever said men don't gossip or like to gist ? lol. Anyway I didn't answer him, I felt so sorry for the women that I didn't even want dearest to tell his friend anything they said.

So  friends, when you are out please be careful what you say, if you don't care about your private affairs being out in public, at least think about your security. x