Monday, September 23, 2013

Nasty Nurses...Ruining Visions Of The Church

As a new Catholic convert (dearest and I decided to keep to one religion so that we can help each other grow together spiritually ) I am now very interested in anything Catholic. This was why I started taking interests in the Catholic Church Clinics. I have heard so much about Catholic Church hospitals, I know some family members who have gotten treatments from there and family friends who don't go to any other hospital other than the Catholic Church clinic. Whenever I asked why, they said the price charged at the hospital is very moderate compared to private hospitals and the service given is more decent than that of government operated hospitals plus the added advantage of good doctors.  They swore that they'd never go to any other hospital other than the Catholic Church Clinic. Well I was happy for them (that they love the hospital ) but stuck to my own hospital.

Today, I got the opportunity to visit a Catholic Church hospital, my brother in law's mum was admitted at St Leo's Catholic Church clinic Ikeja. I went to visit her after work. I was fascinated by the hospital building, the simplicity but yet very modern facilities and furniture. I kept praising God for such a good place. All the rooms well fully air conditioned including the reception area, their bathroom was decent and sparkling, I couldn't help but say "up Catholic Church" lol. But my excitement went crashing when my sister asked the nurse a question and it was just very obvious that she didn't want to help out, her attitude was wrong, she shrugged  her shoulder and walked away saying she'd come back but she never did. Then another nurse came by, I greeted her but she barely answered.
Though a few of the nurses were nice,  majority of them had some sort of attitude that said "don't ask me for anything please" I mean, what's the point of studying to be a nurse if you don't love and cannot be kind to other human beings? The body who founded the clinic did so so that people can come there, feel comfortable and get good quality medical care, but the nurses there just make all the beautiful facilities and vision incomplete.

This is a clear example of how employees can ruin dreams of  employers. I didn't like the nurses at all. Honestly, I am still confused why they took that route to study nursing.

Anyway I love the whole idea behind the Catholic Church clinic, I love that it is moderately priced, I love the idea of the father coming to pray for the patients, I like the idea of the crucifix on top of the door frame, I love that I felt God was in that hospital but I didn't like the nurses, I liked their uniforms but the attitude in the uniform stunk.