Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strands ...Happy to let my money go

I am very loyal and faithful when it comes to choosing a hairdresser. I am also used to having a special bond with whoever does my hair; this is why I try to stick to getting my hair done in one place.
My loyalty led me to tolerating and accepting a lot of rubbish from my salon in the name of loyalty... let me just sugar coat it and simply say nowadays their service can be appalling and by appalling i mean terribly bad...

I had planned to get my hair done on this particular Monday but unfortunately i was informed that my salon would be closed for the day. Immediately, i felt distressed, i couldn’t imagine where else i could get my hair done. I explained my trouble to my friend and she immediately recommended her salon, still i was reluctant. My friend called her hairdresser when she was unable to reach him she sent him a bb message and he responded almost instantly that he was at church. He promised to call her back as soon as he was done which he did. My friend told him about me, immediately he booked me in for an appointment for the following day and even gave me a discount.

The following day when i got to Strands (the salon my friend recommended), i was so warmly welcomed that i actually felt i was mistaken for a celebrity. I introduced myself and I was immediately given a seat, towel around my neck and nicely the service commenced. I kept wowing and whoaing and couldn’t stop sending my friend messages telling her that i felt i was in paradise. The hairstylist offered me everything (from snacks to drinks) and refused to let me rest until i accepted to have some lunch. I felt so comfortable that for the first time i wasn’t in a rush to go home. Everything started with please and of course a smile.

Washing my hair felt so good i almost fell asleep with my head in the sink, the girl who took over was good too she kept on assuring me that my hair was fantastic but that didn’t stop her from confirming that I was okay with what she was doing.

By the time i was done with my hair, i had a huge smile on my face. I left there feeling like a princess. To make me even feel more special, they explained to me:that they were normally closed on Mondays but they opened the salon just for me. OH MY GOD catch me... I almost fainted (i confirmed this from a number of people and they agreed that it was true). I was sooo happy with the service that i didn’t act surprised when i realised my bill was higher than that of my salon.. The quality of service i received was worth every penny of what i paid.. i was happy to let my money go..

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  1. Ha ha! I know the feeling of being distressed when you can't get your hair done when you want and by whom you want it done by. Glad your friend's recommendation worked for you. About bonding with your stylist, if the bonding includes talking too much, I opt out. I don't like that at alll....

    The worst is having a hair stylist who double booked, triple books ....My stylist joked with me a few weeks ago that she notices the evil eye I always give her. I didn't even realize..ha ha. I hate to wait.