Sunday, August 8, 2010

The un-enthusiastic ways of some hair stylists.... (Day Spa vs Elizabeth Michael)

At 11:21am a red light flashed on my blackberry, it was a distress message from a friend who had been scarred and disappointed by hair stylists at a salon, our conversation went thus:
ME, Hair madness

Hair madness: So my customer service woes!!!!!!!!
Hair madness: Only u will understand
ME: Lol
ME: Spill spill spill
Hair madness: I went to Day spa to make an appointment to braid my hair. They didn't even seem enthusiastic when I walked in. No smile nothing. She now said I have to make sure I come early oo coz they won't wait.. and I was like trust meeee I'm always early u need to make sure u’re early.. They just had this air about them
Hair madness: So I get there today and two women walked past me no good morning ,nothing. They said the braiders weren't there I should go sit and wait. I walked upstairs alone no one asked or apologised for them being late. One braider comes and asksss me again if I wanna braid. And I was like "what did the manager just tell u" she just strolled off
ME: Ahhhhh
ME: Strolled off???
Hair madness: They didn't put on the air condition, nothing. At that point I went to look for the idiot that said I shouldn't be late and I gave her a piece of my mind and walked into my car. The braider now came and said ehh the other braider is changing her clothes... I said she's lying.. She now said yes she was lying and that the braider was not around yet
Hair madness: I left!
ME: Hisssssssss
ME: Imagine!!!ME: Total time wasters
Hair madness: I Came to Elizabeth Michael...said I wanted to braid my hair .They said “ok pls sit”, I asked for the braiders, they said she's on her way, then I asked how long would I have to wait, they said maybe an hour so I said no I can't wait o.. The manager hurries along to call the braiders and comes back to say “sorry madam she's actually walking in now, we even have 3 braiders and they will start immediately” . They asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I explained how I wanted my hair done. They kept smiling and said “ok aunt no problem”
Hair madness: Two of the braiders had their phones ring and each time they had to pick up they said " sorry aunty, pls give me a minute"
ME: Awwwwww
Hair madness: As innnn I have the mind of looking for the owners of day spa to tell them about their staff
ME: Where is Elizabeth Michael?
Hair madness: On akin adesola
Hair madness: Some of d stylists remember me from another salon and they came to say hello.
Hair madness: Just pleasant!!!
ME: U know all these workers don't send, they don't care.. All they care about is their salaries...It’s not their fault now they get paid anyway if only the owners know how many customers their stupid workers turn away in one day...
ME: isn’t it money u would have paid them when they finish braiding your hair? that money can pay their electricity bill
ME: But they don't care, its not their personal business
ME: Awon ode ( dumb people)
Hair madness: Imagine
Hair madness: I had to ask her
Hair madness: Is it free???
Hair madness: Idiotas
Hair madness: Another woman just came to ask if I was ok
ME: Pls give me permission to put our chat on my blog
ME: I wish I could help u send the owner a message honestly
Hair madness: Lollllllllllllll
Hair madness: No worries
ME: So how many people are doing your hair now?
Hair madness: 3 people o
Hair madness: They r not even talkinggg to each other
Hair madness: Just doing their work
Hair madness: I'm super impressed
ME: How much will it cost
Hair madness: N6000 o
Hair madness: Meanwhile "upscale" dayspa charges N7500
Hair madness: And they won't put the generator on. Awon were (Those Mad people)
ME: Awon ode mi awon yen o (those were some dumb people)
Hair madness: Lolllll
ME: Wow with that their service at Elizabeth Michael..I would have thought they would b very expensive
Hair madness: No they are normally around the same price everywhere. N6000.. Its only day spa I've heard N7500
ME: Upon all their N7500 they can't deliver proper service
Hair madness: Lollll
Hair madness: Imagine
After my chat with "hair madness" my thoughts were:

It is not advisable for Business owners to leave their business completely to random people who call themselves managers but cannot even manage their own character and attitude. The other day while I was with my brother in law at a complex, I was following him to the optician, as we were walking towards the staircase I heard a man shout for a lady who was walking towards the same stairs as we were... he shouted” Ann, can you hurry up, we have a lot of customers waiting” and she shouted back in return “please leave me alone, I can’t kill myself” imagine that? At the end of the month she would curse her employee if her salary was a few days late, but then she conveniently sends away customers that would generate money to pay her salary.
How easily companies lose their customer to competitors who are not even competing but have the sense to train their customers to deliver excellent customer service.

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