Friday, February 1, 2013

Dirty Linen Aired In Public...

Diverting from customer service to customer etiquette (for today).

Hey people today I am not writing about good or bad customer service. I will be writing about my experience while I was out with dearest today. I feel embarrassed for these women I am about to write about BUT my mind tells me that I need to write about it so that others can learn and be careful.

Dearest and I walked into the cafe that I had been talking about. I wanted some dessert, I had been singing about it all day. We finally got there and were directed to a nice seat. I had been harassing dearest that he was a bit too quite today and was killing all the excitement in me dying to come out.

Before we sat down, I noticed three women who sat down finishing their meals and seriously gisting, not that I was eaves dropping or anything, their voices were rather loud so i didn't have a choice but to listen even if i didn't  want to. I complained to dearest who was already reading a magazine and he answered "leave them alone" I guess he was secretly enjoying their

Anyway from all the stories they were telling, I figured out that they were old friends who schooled abroad and are probably married. They were catching up and reminiscing on things they did in the past. Their voices got louder and louder as their gist got deeper and deeper. I started feeling un easy and dearest told me to mind my business and eat my dessert, he was definitely enjoying their story lol

They were talking about men they had slept with in the past, mentioning their names and even surnames, they called some of them irresponsible and rained insults on others and talked about their relationship with other men up until  some of them got married.  Dearest's eyes were fixed on the magazine he was reading, but I swear his mind wasn't there. I kept on murmuring, I couldn't believe this women were speaking so loudly about their lives even if it was their past in such a public place.

Then something happened! They mentioned one of dearest's friends name and surname. Dearest and I looked at each other, our eyes widely  opened  and said "Ah". They spoke a little about  the guy. We kept silent! And I guess we just kept listening to them(when we weren't talking) until will finally left.

When we got outside, I asked dearest if he understood why I felt uncomfortable with the manner at which the women talked so carelessly. I think he did.  I mean , how can grown women leave their homes and come to the public to air their dirty linens? Unfortunately for them they didn't even know that we knew one of the people they spoke about, dearest said he recognized one of the women from when he was in university. I honestly felt very embarrassed for them.

Mr Dearest who claimed he wasn't even paying attention to them, remembered what they looked liked and even managed to catch one of their names lol!

By the time we were leaving, we knew the names of the men they slept with, we knew they were married, we knew the town they went to school in, and even one of their names. I felt that was too much information to disclose in such a secluded place.

A couple of minutes later after I got home, dearest was trying to find out from me what the women said about his friend. Imagine! he had already called his friend and told him what had happened lol! I laughed so hard, who ever said men don't gossip or like to gist ? lol. Anyway I didn't answer him, I felt so sorry for the women that I didn't even want dearest to tell his friend anything they said.

So  friends, when you are out please be careful what you say, if you don't care about your private affairs being out in public, at least think about your security. x


  1. There is power of life and death in the tongue!

    Yanga dey sleep, trouble go wake am up!

    Let sleeping dogs lie!

    These are some of the sayings we humans tend to overlook.

    Thanks for sharing and I laughed sha.

  2. Thanks simply me :) honestly, we over look those sayings, particularly "There is power of life and death in the tongue" and "Let sleeping dogs lie"

  3. It's unfortunate that some people lack a basic idea of how to conduct themselves in public-and in private, if it comes to that because what you display on the outside eventually, is a tell-tale sign of what happens in secret. Such appalling lack of manners and consideration for other users of the public space. Na wa o.

    1. You are very correct Ivy!!! People just have to watch their manners. x

    2. Came back to read more, lol. Just followed you. Hope you will do same on my blog. Well done.

    3. Aww thanks so much Ivy, I will do the same too xxx

  4. eeeewwwwooooo. This one is a case of water don pass garri.

    1. Loll it has really passed it o...Welcome to my blog Sykik *hugs*. x

  5. Hi Spynaija,
    I can swear that you were more interested in whether your Dearest was listening to them or not, than in the dessert. No deny o.